Tilt To Live 2: Redonkulous Review

Tilt To Live 2: Redonkulous, the follow-up to One Man Left Studios‘ top-notch arcade avoidance game, is now available from the app store. The follow-up to one of our personal favourites, Redonkulous brings the same basic gameplay, humorous quips, and ultra-tight controls while picking up the visual quality and introducing new weapons and bosses into the mix.

Tilt To Live 2: Redonkulous Pros:

  • Fantastic arcade action with loads of power-ups and pizzazz
  • Updated visuals that retain original style but look even better than before
  • Catchy soundtrack
  • Tilt controls are tight and super-responsive
  • Completed objectives allow you to level up and unlock new power-ups
  • GameCenter integration provides leaderboards and a bunch of achievements to earn

Tilt To Live 2: Redonkulous Cons:

  • Huge file size despite less content

Tilt To Live 2 offers both Classic and Code Red modes from the get-go, which is twice what the original launched with, but nowhere near the number it currently boasts. There is a placeholder on the mode selector dial for new modes and we have every reason to expect that additional modes will become part of the experience in the coming months. Still, it’s a little disappointing that favourites like Gauntlet and Viva La Turret are nowhere to be found. After selecting the orientation in which you plan to play the game, you are given a quick tutorial (use this to kill these) and unleashed to test your survival skills. You once again take the role of a white arrow that must avoid contact with spawning red dots whose sentient abilities cause them to chase you and form coordinated attack patterns. If your sharp pointy end touches a dot, you’re done….. possibly. You see, upon your first death in Tilt To Live 2, your arrow is sent caroming around the screen for a few seconds. A 3-ring target offers point boosts of 10% or 20% for coming to rest in its outer rings. Land on the bulls-eye and you’ll be revived once to pick up where you left off. Your next death brings about the same mini-game, only the Revive option is now replaced with a 30% point bonus.

It wouldn’t be much of a fair fight if you didn’t have a way to destroy the dots and prolong your life. Powerful weapons also spawn and bounce around the board, activated when your arrow tip pierces their perimeters. Nuclear blasts will incinerate anything caught within its radius, while another couple of power-ups send projectiles in all directions to clear out any dots in their path. Another power-up will create a meteor that bounces around the screen and can even be redirected by bumping it. A sticky power-up allows you to collect a bunch of dots that will explode after a few seconds, a mace power-up offers a spiked ball on a chain to swing at the dots, and you can even snag a fancy two-sided lightsaber to eviscerate the dot hoards. A new disguise power-up transforms you into a large red dot, blending in with the other dots and making you invulnerable for several seconds. Power-ups are unlocked and become available as you complete objectives and earn new levels.  The occasional boss battle forces you to pierce green targets to annihilate a sizeable baddie that drops into the game, oftentimes restricting your viewing area to a small circle around your arrow for extra difficulty.

Graphically, Tilt To Live 2 retains much of the look and feel of the original, though it’s clear that everything seems a bit more polished. The green backdrop on Classic mode and the red backdrop on Code Red clue you into the current game mode, while the various animations are super smooth and oddly appealing. Dot formations and coordinated movements give the impression that they are not just obstacles, but a single-minded grouping with a purpose. As you destroy dots, you earn points that appear at the screen top. Each destroyed dot makes the next worth even more points, so your point totals should rise exponentially the longer you survive. Stringing together combos of power-ups will initiate multipliers that can really drive up your score, too. The soundtrack is new, though the pseudo-big-band feel of the original is retained. Controls are strictly tilt-based, as the game’s title suggests, and they remain some of the absolute best in the industry.

Replay value is fantastic despite there only being two game modes at launch. If you feel you need a greater challenge than Classic mode offers, Code Red should give you fits. The high-score-chasing gameplay ensures that any given run could net you a new personal best. As the original has remained a staple on our iDevice since launch, we expect Tilt To Live 2 to do the same. Our only real issue is the file size, weighing in at nearly a half-gig compared to the previous iteration’s svelte 30 mb. GameCenter integration provides seven leaderboards and four dozen achievements to earn. A universal app this time around, Tilt To Live 2: Redonkulous will set you back $2.99 for another 5-Dimple stud.