The most beautiful shooters for Android

With this material, Gmbox starts a series of articles from which you will learn about the best mobile games on the Android platform – the most beautiful shooters, the fastest races, the most complicated puzzles, the most addictive RPG and other outstanding representatives of your genre. Today we talk about games with gunshot and other weapons!

The best shooters of 2018 release for Android

Deus Ex: The Fall

A full-fledged Deus Ex for smartphones and tablets. This is not a joke – outwardly The Fall is almost the same as the Human Revolution, which was released in 2011. The main character, however, is different, and the plot here is not so exciting, but the title of a beautiful mobile shooter game takes with ease. If you want to learn a little more about the universe and be slightly better prepared for the future events of the series (it will undoubtedly be filled with new games) – be sure to buy. It’s a pity, it’s true, that The Fall ends with the inscription “To be continued …”, and we are waiting for this very continuation for quite some time.

Pixel Gun 3D [Extreme Multiplayer Shooter]

Try Pixel Gun online 3D in MULTIPLAYER MODE with Cooperative, Deathmatch & Deadly Games! Also, it is a cool modern block world shooter with singleplayer campaign and survival arena.

This is a pocket edition for mobile devices. Now you have a perfect chance to battle with your friends, classmates, and colleagues or anyone else in the world! You can create and customize your character using a unique skins maker and then show off on the battlefield! It is an impressive pocket FPS shooter for all kinds of players!

Latest updates
What’s new in version 15.0.1
It’s time for BIG changes in Royal 15.0.1 update!
– Finally added a Battle Royale mode! Huge map, a lot of rivals and a deadly zone
– Win the Royal Set and become the king of the battlefield!
– Try the new plan in updated Sniper Tournament
– PETS moved to the Armory
– Egg Delivery is again available in the lobby
– Tournament reverted to the previous style. Shields changed to Trophies
– Block Crash moved to Mini Games
– Quiet Island returned to Sandbox

Brothers in Arms 3

A beautiful third-person shooter, telling about the Second World War and the role in it of a certain sergeant Wright. A vast and diverse single-player campaign, the ability to command allies in combat and a bunch of weapons. Realistic this mobile game cannot be called, but all sorts of “wunderwatches” to kill the Nazis are just more fun. It is a pity, with other players on the battlefield not meet destiny.

Modern Combat 5: Eclipse

The leading mobile shooter at the moment, which is doing a mobile version of Call of Duty for one or two. It looks like a real console game, is managed more conveniently than many mobile representatives of the genre, offers to immerse yourself in a long and exciting single-player campaign, and after a sit down for multi-player battles, even championships are held. If you have not tried mobile FPS yet, start with Eclipse.

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

And now something completely different. No, not zombies: dinosaurs! For the hunt for monsters in Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores has everything you need: picturesque landscapes, a vast selection of weapons and a bunch of dinosaurs to turn into the sieve – from small and brisk to enormous and ferocious. It’s a pity, however, that monetization in it is angrier than any tyrannosaur.

Contract Killer: Sniper

Despite the name, in this game, you will have to shoot not only from a sniper rifle. A variety of missions (and there are as many as 250 of them) can be held here both with the use of noisy automatic weapons and secretly. Sometimes you even need to use explosives – in general, and the local Agent 47 is ready to achieve the goal at any cost. Multiplayer in Contract Killer asynchronous: with another sniper, the duel will not work, but to attack its base and take away some resources can be.

Dead Trigger 2

It so happened that the most common theme for shooters is the zombie apocalypse. Perhaps influenced by the influence of Hollywood blockbusters, or whether users themselves are not averse to shooting at monsters.

To realize the need to download Dead Trigger after reading this article, you need to pay attention to three components. First of all, watch the trailer for the game. Secondly, pay attention to the schedule. And, finally, realize that the game has downloaded more than 10 million players, 750,000 of which rated it with the maximum score. It’s worth a lot.

Deer Hunter

Fortunately, not all representatives of today’s list will be associated with zombies. For example, in the center of the plot Deer Hunter, as already knew the experts of the English language, there are deer. And other animals.

The task of the player is reduced to getting into different bodies and performing other equally exciting duties. Graphics games, of course, not at the highest level, but the process of hunting from this less exciting does not become.

Into the Dead

And again, a zombie! However, everything here is much more interesting. As reported by our colleagues from android authority, Into the Dead is a mixture of an endless runner, the best of which can be found here, and a first-person shooter. During the run, the player must raise various types of weapons and immediately discharge their clip.

The chasing process is breathtaking, but the question is different. How long will you last?

Shadowgun: DeadZone

The primary accent of the game Shadowgun: DeadZone – multi-user mode. Perhaps this is the reason for the massive amount of positive feedback from users and game reviewers.

The average score for this part of Shadowgun is 4.4. Not bad, considering more than 5 million downloads, is not it?


We warned you that there would be enough zombies for everyone today, right? This time the events take place in one of the most famous cities in the US – Los Angeles. That’s right, the cradle of movie stars and celebrities has now become a zombie refuge. All you need is to return everything to its proper place.